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Stored Xss on

Boxify is a new Belgian startup, a solution to storage rooms for individuals and businesses as well. They call their service a new era of intelligent storage solutions. And it honestly somehow is a new era of storage solutions. What… Continue Reading →

Stored Xss ability on Proximus BBOX3

Proximus, which formerly known as Belgacom, is a Belgian telecommunications company which offers fixed line solutions and mobile communications solutions The XSS-itself: You could insert a malicious script as a description in a new port map; this wasn’t filtered or validated… Continue Reading →

Stored XSS on

De Lijn is a Flemish transport company which is dutch for “The Line”. This company is being operated by the Belgian Flemish government. They’ve got a selection of transportation ways: busses trams coast trams and a bus on call /… Continue Reading →

Stored XSS on

SoundCloud is a robust online audio platform where users can distribute or discover new music. With more than 175 million unique monthly users who discover these new songs, there is a big opportunity for malicious ‘users’ to spread there viruses…. Continue Reading →

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