First of all, I welcome you to my personal security and review blog. Thanks for visiting it and maybe reading some articles which you can find on this blog. First of all a little introduction:

I’m a warm, friendly person who’s 28 years old. I love to experience new things in my life this can be anything like new food (for instance jackfruit which I now know I don’t like it at all) or a new music instrument (not that I can play any of my instruments perfectly nor have any basic of how to do it). It doesn’t stop with these natural demands, it evolved in an urge to find new technologies and find out their problems and solutions.10448667_10204388233900253_5244815418372226091_o

Currently working as an IT support engineer at Engie Fabricom, during the day I browse sites (how wonderful!) and I look for bugs in platforms/apps.

I’ve got a various types of different habits in my life:

-Didgeridoo & Udu
-Jaw harp
-Bug bounty research
-Programming (Java (Android), GO, Kotlin)
-Travelling (Couchsurfing, Blablacar, etc..)
-Photographing (Event, Urbex, Lightpainting, looking to invest into deepsky equipment)
-Having the habit to start projects without finishing them
-Cryptocurrency and collecting cryptocurrency related items