First and foremost, please accept my heartfelt welcome to my personal security and jumble blog. Thank you for visiting and perhaps reading some of the content on this website. Let us begin with a little introduction:


I’m a 30-year-old fella who likes trying new things in life, whether it’s new foods (like jackfruit, which I now know I don’t like) or a new musical instrument (not that I can play any of my instruments perfectly nor have any basic of how to do it). It didn’t stop with these natural expectations, it evolved into a drive to learn about new technology, including its problems and solutions.

Currently working as an IT Consultant at UniPartners IT.

I’ve got various types of habits in my life:

-Didgeridoo, Jaw harp & Udu
-Bug bounty research
-Programming (GO & Kotlin)
-Passion for FOSS and Linu
-Travelling (Couchsurfing, Blablacar, etc..)
-Photographing (Event, Urbex, Lightpainting, looking to invest into deepsky equipment)
-Having the habit to start personal projects without finishing them
-Cryptocurrency and collecting cryptocurrency related items