First and foremost, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to my personal security and review blog. Thank you for stopping by and perhaps reading some of the items on this site. Let’s start with a little introduction:

I’m a 29-year-old fella who enjoys trying out new things in my life,whether it’s new foods (such as jackfruit, which I now know I don’t prefer the taste at all) or a new musical instrument (not that I can play any of my instruments perfectly nor have any basic of how to do it). It didn’t end with these natural demands, it morphed into a desire to learn about new technology coming with their issues and solutions.10448667_10204388233900253_5244815418372226091_o

Currently working as an IT Consultant at UniPartners IT, during the day I browse sites (how wonderful!) and I look for bugs in platforms/apps.

I’ve got a various types of different habits in my life:

-Didgeridoo & Udu
-Jaw harp
-Bug bounty research
-Programming (Java (Android), GO, Kotlin)
-Travelling (Couchsurfing, Blablacar, etc..)
-Photographing (Event, Urbex, Lightpainting, looking to invest into deepsky equipment)
-Having the habit to start projects without finishing them
-Cryptocurrency and collecting cryptocurrency related items