21 January 2016
23AndMe kit review

Today I've received my 23AndMe kit, this is a kit whereas your DNA sample is been used to build up an advanced profile around your DNA. For people who are unknown to 23AndMe, this is a company that processes DNA samples into DNA raw data and put it online into their platform which is user-friendly […]

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9 January 2016
How to generate a Decred address on Windows (more Advanced User)

To generate a Decred address you will need dcraddrgen (which stands for offline decred address generator) You can find the Github here: What do you exactly need for this address generator? GO version 1.5 or newer Where to download GO? The most recent stable version is 1.5.2 so this will be perfect! If […]

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9 January 2016
How to generate a Decred address on Windows (more user-friendly) ?

To generate a Decred address you will need dcraddrgen (which stands for offline decred address generator) You can download this via the following direct links: 64-bit: 32-bit: After downloading the zip file open it with your zip manager (I use 7-zip for this) Extract the files to a preferred folder, I've used C:\Decred. […]

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1 January 2016
Decred is going to be the new bitcoin cryptocurrency

Rethink the cryptocurrency  A group of Bitcoin developers along with the makers of btcsuite have revealed that they are currently building Decred which is an alternative digital currency. The project, according to the press release, is seen as one to address “the issues of project governance and development funding” that is seen as prevalent in […]

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18 August 2015
Stored XSS on

De Lijn is a Flemish transport company which is dutch for "The Line". This company is being operated by the Belgian Flemish government. They've got a selection of transportation ways: busses trams coast trams and a bus on call / bus on demand. The XSS-itself: You could insert a malicious script as your name, this […]

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18 June 2015
Thank you for calling me awesome, SoundCloud

Today my gifts from SoundCloud have arrived. this includes: a tee 3 small stickers 1 medium sticker 2 large stickers 2 pin buttons and a greeting card with the text "You're awesome" I received this after finding an XSS in the platform you can read more about this over here: If you have found […]

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5 June 2015
GoCampr/Campr Update

Campr is a Belgian startup which looks like Airbnb but for campers. The application is for people who are looking for a camping spot. They also compare this platform with CouchSurfing they call it the outdoor CouchSurfing experience. Their goal is to bring you the most pleasant experience while camping. You can search for a […]

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2 June 2015
How to disable Facebook Group top post notifications

Are you also annoyed by all those notifications about a top post in a group that you're in. The thing is that you can't customize these notifications like for instance on which time of the day of how many notifications a week about a top-post may be in your notification bar. Since Facebook changes the […]

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28 May 2015
Warning do not use Hola Free VPN it will use you as a zombie

Hola is an application which claims to provide faster, private and access every site without censorship.  It's being displayed as the great free VPN service, which has some "amazing" features like data compression, IP-hiding and encryption of your data-traffic. Most of it's users use Hola because of certain applications/websites are blocked in their country and […]

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19 May 2015
Chrome only works in safe mode page(s) unresponsive solution

Many users have stumbled into the problem that Chrome doesn't load any page so the pages are unresponsive. Most common solutions: re-installing chrome with normal or alternate installer. Run a virus scan Reset settings Cyberlink Youcam has been reported to be conflicting with Chrome.   The first solution is: Add "--no-sandbox" to the launcher Please […]

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