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Decred is going to be the new bitcoin cryptocurrency

Rethink the cryptocurrency  A group of Bitcoin developers along with the makers of btcsuite have revealed that they are currently building Decred which is an alternative digital currency. The project, according to the press release, is seen as one to… Continue Reading →

Thank you for calling me awesome, SoundCloud

Today my gifts from SoundCloud have arrived. this includes: a tee 3 small stickers 1 medium sticker 2 large stickers 2 pin buttons and a greeting card with the text “You’re awesome” I received this after finding an XSS in… Continue Reading →

How to disable Facebook Group top post notifications

Are you also annoyed by all those notifications about a top post in a group that you’re in. The thing is that you can’t customize these notifications like for instance on which time of the day of how many notifications… Continue Reading →

Chrome only works in safe mode page(s) unresponsive solution

Many users have stumbled into the problem that Chrome doesn’t load any page so the pages are unresponsive. Most common solutions: re-installing chrome with normal or alternate installer. Run a virus scan Reset settings Cyberlink Youcam has been reported to… Continue Reading →

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