In my quest for a more sustainable and transparent business model concerning smartphones, I stumbled upon several intriguing options: Fairphone, Murena and ShiftPhone. Shiftphone, in particular, caught my attention, thanks to its existing community, although currently limited to its German-language forum.

The latest announcement, the ShiftPhone 8, introduces a fascinating concept with easily interchangeable modules, promising a simplified process for replacing specific parts and ultimately enhancing the smartphone’s lifespan.

Comprising thirteen replaceable modules requiring only a screwdriver (included in the package), the ShiftPhone 8 boasts a Qualcomm QCM6490 processor, 12GB RAM and a 6.67-inch full-HD display protected by Gorilla Glass. What adds to its allure are the physical ‘hardware kill’-switches, allowing users to disable various modules such as the camera and microphone. The phone holds an IP67 certification, ensuring it is dustproof and waterproof, making it resilient enough to survive an accidental plunge into a puddle 🙂

Discovering a smartphone that prioritizes sustainability, modularity, and user control is a refreshing departure from conventional models. The ShiftPhone 8 not only addresses the need for a longer-lasting device but also presents an exciting shift towards a more conscious and customizable smartphone experience.

The team also periodically conducts SHIFTtalks, presented in the form of livestreams where they delve into the latest developments and project updates. During these sessions, you have the opportunity to directly pose questions. If the team deems a question intriguing and worthy of discussion, it becomes part of the live talk, offering participants an engaging and interactive experience. This not only keeps enthusiasts informed about the ongoing progress but also fosters a sense of community engagement by encouraging direct interaction and dialogue with the ShiftPhone team.

What I find particularly intriguing is that at the launch, there will already be ROMs available, as they are collaborating with several ROM makers. My suspicion leans towards at least one of the following:

  • CalyxOS
  • /e/OS
  • LineageOS
  • postmarketOS

Additionally, I am personally hoping for support from:

  • Copperhead
  • GrapheneOS

This collaboration with diverse ROM makers not only ensures a variety of options for users right from the start but also indicates a commitment to offering a customizable and user-centric experience. The potential inclusion of ROMs from well-known platforms adds a layer of versatility to the ShiftPhone 8, catering to users with different preferences and requirements in terms of operating systems.

Certainly, let’s not overlook their own ShiftOS, which includes a lightweight version akin to a DeGoogled smartphone. It’s worth noting that, upon delivery, the version with Google services is preconfigured based on Android 14.

For more detailed information, you can explore: ShiftOS Information

Let’s end with to so-far-known specs

ProcessorQualcomm® QCM6490
Display6.67 inch AMOLED Full HD+ (1080 x 2400 pixels)
Camera back2x Sony IMX 766, 50 MP per sensor
Pixel binning sensor
Camera frontmin. 16MP
StorageInternal storage: 256GB UFS
External storage: Micro SDXC up to 2TB
SIMDual Nano SIM
eSIM capable with an adapter for one of the nano sim slots
Mobile coverage5G / 4G / 3G / 2G
BatteryInterchangeable 3850mAh
Inductive charging with Qi standard
Extra’sFingerprint sensor under the display
Notification light with 3 colours
Updates5 years of security fixes and patch level updates.