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The European Crackdown on Privacy Coins: A CBDC Measure

The European Union (EU) has been negotiating the complex world of digital currencies and how they affect financial institutions and laws in recent years. Policymakers’ attention has been drawn to the problem of privacy coins, one of the many issues… Continue Reading →

How to generate a Decred address on Windows (more Advanced User)

To generate a Decred address you will need dcraddrgen (which stands for offline decred address generator) You can find the Github here: What do you exactly need for this address generator? GO version 1.5 or newer Where to download… Continue Reading →

Decred is going to be the new bitcoin cryptocurrency

Rethink the cryptocurrency  A group of Bitcoin developers along with the makers of btcsuite have revealed that they are currently building Decred which is an alternative digital currency. The project, according to the press release, is seen as one to… Continue Reading →

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