It has been a while that I’ve made a post about, the free printing service where people can make use of in return for accepting advertisement placements on their prints.

Now as it has been such a long time, the service has been updated as well as the application itself.

Image of zerocopy's application interface
The interface is much cleaner and easier to use, you can just drag & drop your file that you want to be printed out and voila.

After that you’ve dropped your file, it will be uploaded.

The usability, on the other hand, is pretty terrible, if I use it via chrome I can’t upload some files. When visiting the web application via Internet Explorer I got following error: “Zerocopy The document upload is under maintenance. We will come back as soon as possible.”

In my testcase I tried many pdf files, mostly the pdf files with more than 400 pages wouldn’t be uploaded to the system, which is kind of normal as the limit on a fully activated account (max referers..) is 400 credits. After uploading your file, you need to wait a minute to be able to print it out.

Now let’s see! There seems to be added something new to the system, you can deliver your prints to your home / dorm?

Well let’s test this out!

Ah well doesn’t seem to be working that well, I’ll wait to try it again.

Ok so it’s one day later that I’ve tried to make a free delivery of my prints, with good result

You can only request one delivery a week

What are my remarks on the new system:

  • No feedback when a document has been ordered (for delivery), meaning that there is no status declaring that it will be printed.
  • No clear feedback when there’s gone something wrong on the platform
  • There seem to be a lot of UI bugs
  • It’s easier to find a printing point location
  • There are still no printing points one quite some big student cities, e.g.: Charleroi, Genk
  • The UI is much easier to get used to.