Zerocopy is a Belgian firm which hasn’t stolen its name; their slogan is indeed print your document for free.

Who can print for free? 
Any student can signup on without any hassle.  You can signup via mail or Facebook. You start with 50 prints a week, which saves you about 2€ a week printing documents at a copy shop you only read and then dispose of, enough to pay for your sweet coffee. If you invite friends or complete your personal profile, you’ll get extra points/prints, at a maximum of 500 which is 20€.

If you use this service at 500 prints a week: you would save 1040€ a year as a student.

A normal student will reach around +- 150 a week for printing all articles they could find this would result in a saving of 312€ a year!

What’s the catch? 
There is no real downside, to be honest, the only thing that these prints include are advertisements.

Your copies are printed in black and white with a big ad every five pages and a small advertisement on all pages.

Are those commercials annoying?

See for yourself: Review

How to use Zerocopy

Register on zerocopy first.


Login on the platform
Upload your document (only accepting PDF files)
Click on “Go to the converter.”
Tada! Your document is now uploaded on the platform.

You can now find your documents on

These are the first virtual steps.

Now you are required to do the physical steps:
Search for any nearby print location:
Visit the print shop, for instance, Sweet Coffee Hasselt.
Look for the printer.
Read the instructions: mostly about turning on the screen and how to use it.

Login on the platform
Select your document
Click print and have some patience

Your free prints are now used up, and you’ll receive your document/documents.

Extra tip:

If you’ve signed up with Facebook, you’ll discover that the printing machine doesn’t have an option to login on Facebook. You just need to password recovery via the following link:

and fill in your email that is linked to your Facebook profile.

A little demonstration of the printing device: